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What is Barrow Mix Concrete?

Our Barrow Mix Concrete service is the perfect solution for foundations, garage bases, conservatory bases, driveways, and much more in the Preston & Blackpool areas.

A traditional concrete vehicle transports the concrete mix, keeping it fresh by mixing it during the journey.  These wagons are large, and have a fixed quantity in the tub.  Because you won’t know exactly how much concrete you require, you’ll be ordering a bit too much and paying for the waste.

There is a solution – Barrow Mix

Our barrow mix vehicles store the stone, cement, and sand in separate compartments, which is then mixed in batches by our experienced teams.  We then barrow your concrete to where it is needed.  It’s extremely useful if you don’t have access for a large truck.  When you have enough concrete, we stop with absolutely no waste, and therefore no extra cost to you.

You only pay for the concrete, nothing else

The price we quote includes a 100% free barrow service from our truck to the required location, so don’t expect any hidden extras!

What’s the minimum quantity?

Because we mix the concrete on site, you don’t have to order tons.  We can provide from as little as 1 Cubic Metre up to any quantity.  Ideal for everything from a shed base to a car park.

Can you push your barrow up 30 steps to the top of a hill?

There are certain limits to what we can do, as concrete isn’t the lightest of materials!  You should ensure the ground is firm and flat and the pour site is a maximum of 40 metres from the road.  If you require a longer distance, please call us as we might still be able to help.  We can’t barrow up steps or down them for that matter, and while a slight gradient won’t bother us too much, a steep one might make the job impossible.  If you’re in any doubt, please call us and we can offer advise on the best solution.

Concrete Pump for Hard to Reach Places

For hard to reach spaces, we can use our concrete pump to get our concrete exactly where you need it.

Our pump hose is 45 Metres long and can deliver concrete to places with limited access such as cellars, indoor areas with limited door openings, and gardens with tight entrances.  We can pump concrete to a maximum height of 15 Metres, which makes it ideal for specialist construction projects.

Please contact us for details of our concrete pumping service.

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