Imprinted Concrete – Add some style to your concrete driveway or path

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What is Imprinted Concrete?

Let’s face it, while concrete is versatile, fast, and great value for money, it isn’t the most attractive thing to look at.  That’s why many people opt for block paving or flags.  But there is another option – imprinted concrete.

Concrete is poured using the usual method, then we place rubber stencils on the surface to create a range of styles.

The advantages of using pattern imprint concrete:

  • A wide range of colours, styles, and textures
  • Fast and easy to lay
  • No uneven blocks as it is laid in one piece
  • Minimum of 4″ thick for a firm and stable base
  • No weeds growing between the cracks, because there are none!

A wide range of colour options for your imprinted concrete driveway

We use various dyes to colour your imprinted concrete.  Here is our standard colour range, but please note that this is a guide and due to the nature of colouring, there might be a slight variation.

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